Workshops to support Job seekers

Proventure has rolled out a series of one, two and three day workshops that help people change roles or find jobs.

Since August 2010 Proventure has supported more than 150 people through intensive, focussed short courses, aimed at helping them to kick start their job search, and support other colleagues find new roles or make critical career decisions.  This support has been massively successful ;

“Overall, really good. I found out that despite thinking I know a lot about this area, I know very little! Felt the course offered a good mix of practical and emotional advice.”

“Immensely useful, honest and realistic.  Will be a revelation for many colleagues.”

Proventure Consultant Mark Tobin commented: “These courses have really made a difference across many employers and at all levels in demystifying the recruitment process, helping individuals to understand what they want next in their career and how to go about getting what they want. The courses are flexible enough to be altered to suit each and every organisation, ensuring the content is relevant. However the key feature is being able to develop and train a group of individuals to deliver career support and guidance to colleagues in their own organisation. This really drives the cost/benefit implications for an organisation to a new level when looking to support some of their staff moving on”.

If you want to find out more about our intensive support programme contact Mark Tobin on 07717 725 844 or email Mark directly to