Case Studies

Every client we work with and many roles we have supported them on have their own quirks. Each one has its own attractions which appeal to interested candidates while often there are also barriers which can get in the way of candidates engaging in a process and moving through to apply for a role. We specialise in search, actively going out and talking through the merits of a role while honestly discussing any concerns. Thats normal. If the role is not right, there will always be another time. See below for some case studies of search campaigns we have run. We always have a positive result, though sometimes it is tough getting there. As for coaching – as you would expect we are confidential to those we support in the main. However there are some testimonial clippings from people we have helped move into new roles or into opportunities in their current organisations

The following pages provide a mixture of short quotes from people who have used our services, from recruitment campaigns to career coaching and advice and strategic support. We don’t name everyone who is listed, but we are happy to put you in contact with people who can give you an insight into services relevent to your interest. Some of the support work we undertake is confidential for a varity of reasons. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more, we are always able to give you a fuller picture and discuss how our experience can help you.



We don’t specialise in any sector or role. We recruit at Asssitant Director level or above, in any function across an organisation. Our track record features roles from finance to communications, from social care to housing, from commercial services to legal services.


An organisation’s culture is the product of each person’s behaviour every day. These little behaviours add up, accumulating like an organisational jigsaw, to create the organisation as an ever-changing, living, entity. Leaders at all levels shape this culture through what they do. Effective coaching impacts on culture through building positive behaviour.