Coaching for individuals and organisations

An organisation’s culture is the product of each person’s behaviour every day.  These little behaviours add up, accumulating like an organisational jigsaw, to create the organisation as an ever-changing, living, entity.  Leaders at all levels shape this culture through what they do.  Effective coaching impacts on culture through building positive behaviour.

We have 100% success rate in career coaching, with individuals moving on to secure their target roles.

Coaching profile:

  • 32% Chief Executives,
  • 36% Directors,
  • 10 % Non-Exec Directors,
  • 20% aspiring Directors and Leaders.

A good coach can:

  • Reinvigorate an underperforming team
  • Refocus a struggling senior manager or executive
  • Embed a new starter into a new organisation
  • Change behaviour and support new, positive patterns and habits
  • Challenge received wisdom or orthodoxy within an established team
  • Help raise the bar where performance has reached a plateau
  • Identify when someone should move on
  • Help someone take control of their destiny

Good coaches are an asset but they are not miracle workers. They are not the panacea to all ills and don’t have a magic bullet.

The measure of a good coach is sustained improvement in results.  So be tough, set outcome measures that test and stretch your coach and expect improvement.  Failure to do so may mean you have a top team that feels good but ultimately fails.

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