Executive Recruitment

People are at the heart of all organisations.  They are why organisations succeed.

We unearth the best talent for our clients, without compromise.  We understand this is your key outcome and make this our goal, whatever your needs.  This is our promise to you.

We’re your ambassadors.  We’re committed to your future.  We believe candidates will do better by investing their careers in our clients.  And we’re good at recruitment. 

100% success rate since 2013

99.7% success rate since 2006

By choosing Proventure, you’re showing;

  • You care about getting the right result
  • You know a fully tailored process is worth it
  • You understand that how you recruit sets the tone for your culture
  • You want to buy insights and experience, not a slimmed down process
  • You value the personal touch with people you connect with
  • You understand that long-term success starts with the best recruitment decisions

Call or email to arrange a chat, to find out how we do it and to get our short guide to choosing the best recruitment strategy for your executive roles.

You want the best people possible in your organisation, people who make a difference: good people to do great things, and then ensure you get even better.  We use our knowledge, experience, networks and research to find you the most talented executives amongst the current crop of market leaders. 

  • 100% executive recruitment success – since 2013
  • 99.7% recruitment success – since 2006
  • Acclaimed expert Executive Recruitment

Have you?

  • Had to re-advertise?
  • Been unhappy at an advert response?
  • Had to stop a process because candidates were too weak?
  • Had no choice at final interview?
  • Had to move someone on within 12 months of starting?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you or your recruitment partner have got it wrong

Have a look at some case studies to get a feel for our work.  If you want a more detailed case study or a conversation, please call or email to arrange a chat, to find out how we do it and to get our short guide to choosing the best recruitment strategy for your organisation.

Proventure offers the rigour, honesty, insight, and quality you demand from your permanent staff, with all the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of an interim professional.  We find people who can deliver the results you want in the timeframes you need.

We welcome enquiries from interim professionals who would like to discuss joining us. You can email your CV to pv@proventureconsulting.co.uk, and call us on 0161 835 3377 to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants.

Our search works.  80% of appointed candidates are generated by our search. 

Our clients would have made weaker or no appointments without our executive search, 8 out of 10 times.  Our search reduces the risk of no appointment or wasted money.

Contact us for our free guide to help you understand whether executive search is the right solution for your organisation.

Want to find out why our search is so different?   Contact us for a chat on 0161 835 3377 or message us below.

We’re known for our robust and thorough selection.  This starts at first candidate contact and only ends once an offer has been accepted.  We bring a structured approach at every stage.  We use our judgement and experience to ensure people meet your current and future needs.

We can work with you to design assessment centres, either as part of a recruitment process or to explore internal capacity and development needs.  We ask you for clarity on the skills you need and why you need them, before outlining the best balance of assessment tools to use.  We trust your knowledge and capacity, building on what has worked for you in the past whilst ensuring our insights get you better results.

To find out more call 0161 835 3377 or message us below and we will contact you.