LGC Management Team of the Year 2011 – sourced by Proventure

LGC Management Team of the Year – Bolton

Bolton Council’s Environmental Services Management team have just won the 2011 LGC Management Team of the Year.  This prestigious and highly valued award recognises significant achievements across all local government.

This award is more remarkable given this team did not exist in 2008.

Following a restructuring in 2008 Proventure partnered with Bolton Council to recruit four Assistant Directors in Environmental Services. This was a challenge – filling highly specialist roles whilst creating a new team that could come together and succeed on a major corporate priority.

Using insight, tenacity, trust and judgement, Proventure carried out a national search over 6 months, speaking to more than 200 people and generating more than 90 applications.  During the selection interviews we were mindful of getting the right blend of personalities to create a team that effectively combined individual talent. All of the successful candidates were generated by Proventure’s search team.  Without this search, this award winning team would not have come together.

Proventure can’t claim credit for their success but we did play a key part in bringing the team to Bolton. We’re proud to be associated with them. We’re proud that yet again our judgement and determination in search has helped our clients to succeed.  Proventure’s Managing Director, Steve Cooley said:

“This is a fantastic award that recognises a highly performing team. It’s always satisfying when we can see the impact we have, and when our approach to partnering with clients pays off in the long term.  Our search found highly talented candidates who could work together, Bolton Council gave them the opportunity to flourish.  The team’s success is a credit to a lot of hard work, vision, experience and skill coming together to deliver results for the people of Bolton.”