LEP Chair role

Given the pressures we face, as incoming Chair you will bring both general oversight and governance to the Board.  We require diversity of experience, outlook and perspective. You will have performed at a high level in your career, but will also have a deep understanding of the role of a non-executive.  You will relish a Board culture of constructive challenge and active participation – where your contribution can truly make a difference in the lives of Lancastrians. Externally you will be an effective ambassador, using your networks, insights and influence on a regional and national stage to pursue our vision while providing the support within the organisation.

As our new Chair, you’ll understand what makes our economy succeed and what’s needed to accelerate our growth.  You’ll make connections across the County and in Westminster as a visible, high-profile and passionate advocate for Lancashire’s future economic success. Indeed the Prime Minister has committed to meeting with LEP Chairs twice a year in No 10 – with two of those planned meetings having taken place already.

As our new Chair you’ll certainly be kept busy.  You’ll lead us through the next stage of our development.  Regardless of what happens elsewhere, we must support our businesses and people for whatever opportunities and challenges we face.  This will include working through and shaping a new future following the LEP review, introducing a Local Industrial Strategy, embedding new relationships and engaging across the County, harnessing all the strengths of the Board, bringing a national profile to the County and ensuring a relentless focus on impact and delivery.

Key priorities for the Chair:

  • Engage all sectors and all localities to develop a Local Industrial Strategy which delivers for all.
  • Ensure the LEP executive is well structured and resourced to support the Board to make the right strategic decisions.
  • Increase profile and awareness of our impact, achievements and future plans, particularly with SMEs and the wider public.
  • Develop county wide relationships with key partners and influencers, such as MPs, to drive engagement and creativity through inclusion.
  • Embed new governance structures and relationships, harnessing the diverse talents of the high calibre Board and ensuring the right balance of styles and skills are present at the Board.
  • Build stronger relationships with influencers in Westminster and Whitehall.

Time required estimated around 5 days per month when aggregated. The role is not currently remunerated, although there may be some flexibility dependent on candidate specific circumstances. Please have initial discussions with Proventure – our advising consultants.

About the person

You’ll understand what drives business and how to ensure commercial success, honed through deep commercial experience.  As comfortable on the shop floor as walking the corridors of power where you’ll be meeting the PM or Ministers twice a year. You’ll have a style that wins friends, build’s alliances and exerts quiet influence.  You’ll see the big picture, understand what makes our economy tick, be scrupulously open-minded and driven by your passion for Lancashire.  You’ll have the political judgement to take tough decisions when needed and the resilience to keep driving the County forward.  Within a complex system, you’ll bring simplicity, focus and direction.  As visible to Lancastrians as you are to global and national players, you’ll propel us onto the national stage.

You’ll build your credibility through how you influence, marshal all resources and use your profile to achieve a sustainable, step-change in our economy.  How you use all your skills, values, knowledge and experience will enable you to make a real difference. You don’t have to be the finished article, you’ll have the backing of a talented Board and the goodwill of an entire County.  You can build your knowledge of the specific Lancashire economy or what the SEP looks like on the ground, but you’ll need the core skills, values and judgement to adapt quickly.  You’ll have the credibility to succeed at the very highest level.

You don’t have to be living in or have a career based in Lancashire, but you will have a strong connection to the County. You will have, or will quickly be able to develop, an understanding of how public policy and place shaping combines with skills’ strategies and private sector growth strategies to achieve generational change. You will be able to navigate the complex environment of a public-private partnership, cutting through any factors which can limit a sub-region working together.

We know we’re asking a lot.  That’s what our people and businesses expect.   But when you’re talking about the prosperity of 1.46m people and spending £1bn in a growth plan across 50 initiatives, wouldn’t you ask a lot?  If you think you have what it takes and are prepared to stand up and be counted for the County that you love, then we want to talk.

Personal Values

All Board members must be committed to our core vision of directing economic growth and drive job creation.  It is important that our Board values align with the vision and behaviours that we are committed to.  We want Board members who understand and empathise with business and those who work in the region – their challenges and opportunities. 

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