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Career Advice for Me aims to give you a competitive edge in a tough jobs market – to put you ahead of the chasing pack with clear, realistic, grounded and honest advice that helps you to take control of your career.

This website is written by experienced recruiters who have succeeded across all sectors, at all levels, and with all types of fee structures (this is relevant, see section on Agencies).  We have interviewed more than 5000 candidates and reviewed more than 10,000 CVs between us; people from all walks of life.  This advice is based on real life experience. We know what works and what doesn’t….and we tell you.

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CareerAdviceforMe, our job search and career management support website, has just been updated. The site is now tablet and smart phone friendly and more navigable allowing access on the move – you could even listen to refresher podcasts on the way to an interview.

More than just simple CV, cover letter and interview advice – which can be found in many places online (in varying depth, accuracy and quality), CareerAdviceforMe covers much more. It explores your understanding of what makes you tick, what you are good at (not necessarily the same things), what are your successes and what you will “sell” to potential employers. There is broader advice on negotiating packages, influencing your references and planning for the next role.

There are two ways to access the information on the site. Either register as a subscriber for free, which gives access to new page content, news, blogs and some advice pages. Or, you can sign up for full membership giving you access to every page, tool and podcast plus the online forum where you can raise questions for us to answer. Overall a great value way of making positive changes to your career in both the short and long term. See more here: Why join is launched

While helping to support a few organisations who were undergoing major downsizing and closure and the ongoing career support to many individuals, Proventure realised that there was nowhere online where you could get good career advice in one place. We were always of the opinion that individuals themselves could have a far greater impact on their career management and job hunting than they realised. With some guidance and basic principles contained within those looking for new opportunities can take control of their future. The service is subscription based purchased either by individuals or organisations.