Bolton Council – AD Children and Families

Role appointed to

Assistant Director – Children and Families (up to £88k)

This role is critical to the leadership of the People Department.  One of our future priorities is ensuring increased integration with health across Greater Manchester works for Bolton. We’re helping to shape thinking in Children’s Services across Greater Manchester while taking our services to the next level through effective partnerships.  This will be a key area for the new Assistant Director.

This role will inevitably bring a strong focus on safeguarding and outcomes for our Looked After Children.  We perform strongly in this area.  Whilst there can always be surprises, we believe our stability, culture and values guide us through tough times.  We focus on developing new services, bringing new approaches, learning from others and being positive about the future.  In a market where firefighting, recovery and chaos is all too common, this makes us stand out.

Our new AD will have strong roots in safeguarding and Looked After Children.  They will know good performance and will set high standards.  They will value the team and add to the culture that supports its words with actions.  This role is all about evolving our services in a sustainable way.  Our focus is on the relentless, consistent, onward march of progress and innovation that improves life for all.  We eschew quick wins, snazzy headlines and self-promotion because too often these are built on sand.  Our new AD will get this.  In fact, we think they’ll relish an environment that helps them to grow alongside our services.  We offer the strong foundations needed to change a generation and create the best services in England.  That’s our ambition for our children and our place.  If this different approach sounds like the kind of organisation you’ve always wanted to be a part of, then we’d love to speak to you.