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Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is Greater Manchester’s Transport Executive responsible for delivering its transport strategy and commitments.

Greater Manchester’s transport policies are set by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and we implement the decisions made by GMCA to improve transport services and facilities across its ten districts.

Millions of trips are made across Greater Manchester’s transport network each day and it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to keep the city-region moving and growing.

Planning for the future

Transport plays an integral part of everyone’s daily lives and TfGM is on a journey to make this experience even better.

At the heart of this journey is Greater Manchester’s Bee Network, a London-style transport system which includes our buses and trams by 2024, and our commuter trains by 2030.

Bee Network is developing to provide commuters with a transport system that is simple and easy to use, which supports seamless end to end journeys by foot, bike and public transport, with London-level fares, a daily cap and single ticket, no matter how many times or how the journey is made.

The Bee Network means a transport system that is accessible to all, owned by, run for and accountable to Greater Manchester, with audio visual announcements on all services, real-time information, level access at stops, stations and interchanges, all under a single identifiable and respected brand.

It will better connect our people, our neighbourhoods, our towns and cities and will help people to travel sustainably to home, to school, to work and the many leisure and cultural destinations Greater Manchester has to offer.

In addition, we are continuing to prepare for the introduction of the GM Clean Air Zone and are committed to helping Greater Manchester to achieve its target to be a net zero carbon city-region by 2038.

Our active travel plans will play a pivotal role in helping to meet this target and we’ll continue to help people to live healthy and active lives as we deliver our 2040 aims of 50% of journeys by active travel and public transport.

Continuously improving our core services

While we work to deliver the Bee Network, we remain steadfast in our commitment to continuously invest in and improve upon our existing transport services and facilities, to support the wider Greater Manchester Strategy and the 2040 Transport Delivery Plan.

We will continue to:

  • work closely with bus, Metrolink and train operators to help improve and integrate the customer journey experience
  • own and operate Metrolink – the UK’s largest light rail network – and plan for its future
  • promote and invest in walking and cycling as safe, healthy and sustainable ways to travel
  • pay for bus services at times and in areas where no commercial bus services are provided
  • keep traffic flowing on some of Greater Manchester’s busiest roads by managing the 360 mile ‘Key Route Network’ and Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control system
  • own and operate Greater Manchester’s interchanges, bus stations, stops and shelters and invest in new, modern transport infrastructure
  • develop easier, smarter ways to travel and plan journeys by using data and technology
  • subsidise more affordable fares to help older people, children and disabled people get around

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the TfGM family and help people and places to thrive by enabling seamless, safe, and sustainable journeys for all.

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