About GMCA

GMCA is unique beginning with a long established, cross party, partnership that has served Greater Manchester since the abolition of Greater Manchester County Council in 1986 when the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) was created. Whilst its roots are embedded in local government, it was the advent of City Regions as a response to the economic crisis of 2007-2008, that created the national conditions needed for it to be established. Since 2017, GMCA has had its first directly elected Mayor, who chairs the GMCA and represents all of Greater Manchester.

Each devolution has delivered different powers to Combined Authorities across the country therefore GMCA has a rare blend of powers combining powers shared with the 10 GM districts with those directly devolved from government.   The most recent trailblazing devolution deal, has given us unprecedented financial flexibility to shape our own future across wider economic and social agendas and with this comes greater responsibility and  accountability to government and also to the public.

GMCA will continue to push for greater control to bring decision making closer and with more relevance to its communities.

The GMCA group is made up of the Combined Authority, the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Transport for Greater Manchester which is the Transport Executive holding powers in its own right and operating as a separate legal entity.  As the Transport Executive it also operates as an officer of the GMCA and therefore comes within the remit of the Combined Authority. The GMCA works closely with the 10 local authorities and key partners, such as GM Police and the GM Health and Social Care Partnership.  GMCA has an annual budget of £2bn and the group employs 3,295 staff (2,235 in GMCA, with a further 1,060 in TfGM).

Our governance is defined by statute with decision making being subject to formal scrutiny. Underpinning the CA is a robust, integrated governance structure of portfolio arrangements focusing on delivering the Greater Manchester Strategy as well as developing new policy.

Our continuing mission is balancing national priorities with local priorities engaging our communities, meeting their needs and constantly reshaping their futures. It is these unique dynamics that are the foundations for our success and which continue to inspire and drive our journey.

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Technical (First) Interview 6th or 7th February (Manchester)
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