Trussell Trust – Foodbank charity donation

Each year with support from our clients, contacts and colleagues we donate to a chosen charity. In the past this has been to small charities which have less profile yet great need and whose work strikes a chord with us due to our own personal stories. In the past this has been Women’s Aid, Pancreatic Cancer, Alzheimer’s Research UK and more recently Foodbanks. This year we wanted to donate again to the Foodbank as a vital service, run by volunteers and because there is (unfortunately) one in every town, we can target our own communities. Mark is from Leeds and our main office is in Manchester so both have received funds directly – we used to do a big shop but struggled to get everything in the car and deliver it to the distribution centre in York in previous years! We are pleased to see even greater integration of other health and care community services to better support those in crisis as the centres evolve as hubs.

Leeds Foodbank 2018 Manchester Foodbank 2018