Senior Management Leadership Development

We recently finished the latest stage of the Leadership Development programme delivered to a large Yorkshire local authority Corporate Leadership Team. The programme, run over 8 months, involved a number of workshops, group and one to one discussions intended to support the Council’s move towards its new visison and strategic objectives.

The new vision included a whole place transformation programme intended to ensure the delivery of the Council’s two strategic priorities (Economic and Health focus), with the most effective service delivering in the right way, at the right time, through the best provider.

Building on earlier work, the Leadership Development Programme focussed on developing higher level skills amongst the council’s senior leadership, embedding corporate working and supporting innovation, service change, improved communications and improved personal and team effectiveness.

The Programme combined structured discussions around current concepts of leadership and team effectiveness, team and individual goal setting around personal development and individual behaviours, and group discussions on council’s specific challenges to improved performance. All participants set challenging learning objectives that were reviewed and supplemented throughout the programme.

After the programme the Council’s leadership described itself as more cohesive, more focused and better able to drive and lead the implementation of the programme intended to achieve the new vision.

Anyone interested in more information about the programme or wanting a discussion about our bespoke approach to corporate leadership development should email or call Stephen on 07747 698829.