Proventure Christmas charity campaign raises money for Foodbank

At Christmas 2013 we once again chose to support an individual foodbank with money contributed by Proventure and our colleagues, associates, clients and friends. This email initiative is instant, direct and green, but most importantly supports those needing a little help when life has been tough. Instead of posting Christmas cards, we send a Christmas message by email and for each and every one we donate £1. Then for each and every reply we donate a further £1.

Once again this has raised over £500 for the York foodbank. Why York? Steve and Mark live in the area, and we have previously supported Manchester based small charities so like to even things up on both sides of the Pennines!

To find out more about the work of foodbanks visit their website or view the Foodbank Proventure letter to learn a little more about their services.

Thank you all once again for your interest in our Christmas charity and hope you are making a difference in 2014.