AI or not?

Would you trust your future to machines? Ok, I’ve calmed down now, but I had a bit of a rant last week.  What provoked this you might wonder? I’m in the people business – recruitment, coaching, developing talent, leadership spotting, career courses.  I like people, I find them interesting on an intellectual and emotional level. 

Demystifying Strategy – keep it simple

“Strategy” is often over-complicated, misused and misunderstood. It doesn’t have to be this way. Nearly everyone can understand and describe strategy, it’s just about removing the management speak and relating it to your personal perspective. Our White Paper, “Demystifying Strategy” gives a different take on strategy, to help get to grips with what it really

Unconscious bias: are you being fair?

While most people do their best to treat people equally and try to avoid making judgements or assumptions about others based upon the way they look or dress, their age, their sex or their educational achievements, humans are programmed to do just this. Making these subtle assessments about people is, in part, how we negotiate

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IR35 could be extended into private sector ‘as early as spring 2018’

Expansion would be complete disaster for contractors, businesses and Brexit, warn recruiters The IR35 tax rules that have caused huge disruption for HR teams in the public sector could be extended into the private sector “as early as spring 2018,” recruiters are warning. Amendments to the IR35 tax system for the public sector came into

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Corporate giants championing “returnships”

A lot can happen in a decade. Flip phones, once the must-have gadget, aren’t cool anymore and everyone’s glued to these smartphones things – at home, on the train and in the workplace. Oh, and if you need anything, you can order a taxi, or lunch just by clicking on app. So, what do you

How to Get it Wrong

There are a number of ways that you can score negative points before your first meeting. Here are some examples of CVs and other documents that didn’t shine: Documents that are written in capital letters. Documents that cannot be printed (check before you send it) Documents that do not have the applicant’s name and page

Getting the best from coaching

You can’t turn around these days without hearing about coaching. But while coaching can be really useful in addressing specific issues, its present high profile and many vocal supporters can give the impression that it’s a magic bullet. It’s not for everyone, and is being over-sold and over-hyped. So let’s look a little closer at

Secrets and Lies

In response to increasing demand from job seekers, Proventure has taken a “no holds barred” approach to job seekers, career management and the practices of some agencies. Proventure has supported more than 600 people to make key career decisions since July 2010; and is providing ongoing support to more than 350 people. Taking an approach

Separating gossip from fact

I was recently challenged by a chief executive: ‘what’s going on Steve? How on earth did XX get appointed as a chief executive? We all know they were poor, never delivered, weren’t corporate and caused problems. What do we pay you lot for?’ Separating-gossip-from-facts