Four new trustees appointed to AFG Board

Following a recent search focused campaign we are really pleased to have helped search for and select four new trustees for Alternative Futures Group. By building on our understanding of the North West charity’s growth and future plans, combined with a detailed brief on where the current board could be supplemented we undertook a search for three new trustees. While looking for very specific backgrounds and experience in areas of senior strategic finance, business development and a generalist with senior strategic management experience we were pleased AFG chose to appoint a fourth new Trustee with well rounded experience. Proventure has now assited on the recruitment of 7 of the 10 Board members at AFG.

We used search to gain recommedations and referalls to approach only the most suited to the role briefs, deciding against the extra cost of advertising the roles. While this can take a little while longer the quality of potential candidates is raised by a search approach. Learn more about AFG and its new Trustee Board members.